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Historic Bonsall Schoolhouse

               The Bonsall Schoolhouse opened her doors for the first time on August 26, 1895 and is listed as #6 on the County’s Historic Site List.  As acting steward of the building, BEF is pleased to celebrate her 120th anniversary this year.  Thanks to the continued generosity of the Bonsall Woman’s Club and the San Diego County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, we have been able to accomplish some of the interior and exterior recommendations for her restoration. 
                During the summer and fall of 2015, restoration work included the abatement of lead and asbestos throughout the building.  On the inside, removal of the drywall revealed beautiful vertical and horizontal bead board.  The original Victorian double hung sashes were completely restored to their original condition and required a tremendous amount of detail.  Some non-historic items were removed from the exterior and a new floor joist was installed at the rear entrance.  A new bead board skirt to replicate the original was attached and the building was painted to replicate the original colors used in 1895. 
Our goal is to return the Bonsall Schoolhouse to her original condition so the entire community can benefit.  The next steps include:
1) Installing a stone veneer to the concrete block foundation.
2) Rebuilding the bell tower
3) Creating a new front entrance, which includes steps and repair of the front doors.
4) Creating a new rear entrance, which includes an ADA compliant ramp and new rear door. 
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